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What You Should Know about Table Banners for Trade Shows | Table Covers Depot

There are various things that can affect how a booth space in a trade show looks like. Among these things are table banners. Here, we will tell you things that you should know about table banners for trade shows. We will tell you about things like how to measure it, types, and things you shouldn’t do to table banners. Let’s start now.

Table Banners For Trade Shows

Measuring the Size of a Table Banner

There are various types of folding tables used in trade shows. Despite these variations, there is one thing that all of these tables are likely to share in common: the height. Most tables are either 29 inches or 30 inches high.

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If you want to install table banners for trade shows on tables, you can create a slightly shorter table banner. For instance, if your tables are 30 inches high, you can create 24-inch high banners.

The difference between the height of the tables and the banners allow for a gap to prevent the banners from touching the floor. Since the banners will not touch the floor, no one will trip over it or step on it.

Now you know the proper height for a banner. What about the width? Unlike the height which most trade show tables share, you need to measure the exact width of your table yourself. That being said, there are standards for the width. For example, 48-inch, 60-inch, 72-inch, and 96-inch width.

Because of the standards, most trade show tables do just fine if you create a banner with 4 to 8 feet width. All things considered, it is best to measure the width of the table yourself.


The two most commonly used types are fabric and vinyl banners. Fabric and vinyl banners have their own pros and cons. Let’s get into details below.

  • Fabric

The main advantage of fabric banners is that they are light, portable, and easy to store. You can fold them easily, which means it will not take a lot of space when stored. They can have amazing imaging and are available in various vibrant colors.

As for the disadvantage, fabric banners require more maintenance especially if you want to keep them for a long time. They wrinkle easily and are not suitable for outdoor.

  • Vinyl

The main advantage of vinyl banners is that they are quite durable. They can be used outdoors and are able to withstand rain.  Another advantage is that they are available in bright vibrant colors.

As for the disadvantages, vinyl banners are often heavy, big and can be hard to store. They can’t be ironed and crease easily as well.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do to Table Banners

There are several things you shouldn’t to table banners. The first is using a table that is shorter than the height of the banner. Earlier we told you that it is best to have a banner that is slightly shorter than the table. That is to prevent people from getting tripped over the banner or step on it. If you the table is shorter, however, the banner will become a tripping hazard. You certainly don’t want that.

Next thing you shouldn’t do to table banners for trade shows is to use a design that is either too creative or too wordy. Remember, the purpose of the banner is as a way to advertise your company. It should be attention-grabbing enough but not too obnoxious. It is a medium for advertisement, not art.

It shouldn’t be too wordy, either. Table banners with words that are too long are not attractive. Remember, you want to advertise your company using the banners. It should be concise and attractive enough.

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Here is a tip from us for table banners: use the rule of three for the fonts and colors. That means you shouldn’t use more than three colors and three fonts in the design. And to make it concise enough, use it to convey information or ideas about your company, products and/or services.


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These are what you should know about table banners for trade shows. So, what do you think? Are you planning to use a table banner in an upcoming trade show that you participated? If the answer is yes, be sure that you choose one that represents your company brand perfectly. Good luck!

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