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Clear Vinyl Table Covers Heavy Duty

Protect your selected table or tablecloth with the clear vinyl table covers. Its clear design enables you to enjoy your selected tablecloth and table while safeguarding it from each day spills and tears. Simply clean down the clear vinyl elasticized table cover and you’re back business.

Clear Vinyl Table Covers for Dining Table

Clear Vinyl Table Covers Roll for Table Round

Clear Vinyl Table Covers

Fitted Clear Vinyl Table Covers

Protect your table linens from spill and dust on this heavy duty clear vinyl table covers. Includes a white hemmed boundary for a good completed look. Clear tablecloth cover could keep your fine linen tablecloths safe from even the messiest of situations.

Protect fine linens from spills and spots with this clear vinyl table covers. This superior cover enables you to start to see the beauty of your tablecloth while keeping it fresh and clean. medium weight clear vinyl fabric has an extra level of coverage for your most sensitive fabrics and treasured real wood tabletops. It’s the ideal width for draping perfectly over the advantage of whatever you stick it on. Utilize it to make any linen water-proof or amplify your table setting with a supplementary sheen.

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