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DJ Table Cover Skirt

Give your DJ booth a specialist look! With wide range of facades, scrims, dj table cover and much more, we’ve got the perfect solution is to make your DJ booth look first class. Decorate any standard 6′ banquet table with the black dj table cover. Easy and simple to work with, the custom dj table cover exercises snugly outrageous of the table right down to the 4 calf details projecting a clean professional turn to your setup by maintaining your cables, items and other items concealed from your audience. Each features multiple slots strategically positioned nearby the top border of the table permitting discreet cabling.

Custom Booth DJ Table Cover

booth custom dj table cover white dj table cover mobile dj table cover spandex black

6 ft. rectangular stretch tablecloth offers a sleek and professional look. Each dj booth table cover is manufactured out of high quality four-way stretch out spandex materials. Our stretch out mobile dj table cover are exquisite for your trade show, wedding, hotel reception, internet casino, or any other dressing up event. Stretch table masks are machine washable and stain and wrinkle resistant. These equipped tablecovers are produced from a stretch out polyester material like the appear and feel of Spandex but are a lot more affordable. These dj table cover with logo include a “pocket” made to insert each table leg to carry the tablecloth firmly in place.

Is very pleased to offer the best inspirations entertainment dresses for dj table cover and presenter tables. Our entertainment dresses are produced from wrinkle-resistant polyester that is both durable and fireplace resistant. They’re simply perfect for mobile DJs, audio and light companies, banquets, wedding caterers, trade shows, universities, hotels, restaurants, marriages, and so many more situations. They decorate any table or presenter table while enabling private, hidden storage space underneath. Obtainable in dark and white colors, ultimate support entertainment dresses are form suited to exact size, may be folded or rolled up for simple storage area, and are machine washable.

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