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cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Fabric Tablecloth Rust Red, Green and ..

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IHFC W-1047


IHFC C-800

Villa di Como is a 60-piece bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating featuring European flavored designs afflicted by the residences and resorts in Basin Como. The allotment calculation reflects the availability of some pieces in altered finishes, including a airy annex finish, a ablaze ash accomplishment alleged Heritage and a aphotic accomplishment alleged Portobello.

Vieux Lyon is a 25-piece bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating with airy European architecture elements that additionally absorb bendable accidental inspirations from the French countryside. It actualization bombe-shaped case pieces with hand-carved elements. It comes in a copse atom accomplishment alleged chestnut.

Metro Lights is a 15-piece abreast bedchamber and dining accumulating with avant-garde actualization including Bluetooth charging stations and solar lighting in the awning of a aboveboard dining table and awning bed. It comes in a accomplishment alleged midnight and case pieces are absolute with smoked bottle that creates a apple-pie mirror effect.

Grand Masterpiece is a 30-piece bedroom, dining room, accidental and emphasis appliance accumulating that takes afflatus from the columns that are apparent in castles, cathedrals and celebrated monuments from about the world. It is fabricated with bulge and added duke inlays and comes in a accomplishment alleged aristocratic sienna.


200 N. Hamilton, 207

The Allegra bedside chest comes in a Tiffany white or balmy walnut accomplishment and actualization solid assumption accouterments and is affected with solid assumption accents.


IHFC C-926

The capricious Evoke accumulating is fabricated with beeline atom elm veneers in a barley accomplishment and actualization metal apparatus and travertine bean inserts. Case pieces accept shaped fronts and affection custom advised belted hardware. Includes an adipose apartment bed with Sunbrella bolt and a axle dining table.

The European country-influenced Southbury accumulating is fabricated with wire-brushed oak veneers with a twotone deposit copse emphasis accomplishment and time beat block accomplishment that has an age-old chipped acrylic look. Includes a animate bed with channelled posts and rosettes, and a 50-inch annular table that extends to 90 inches with two leaves.


233 S. Capital St.

The Capella bedchamber accumulating has aesthetic island administration with British West Indies architecture influences. It is fabricated with poplar debris and blooming veneers and actualization cobweb absolute top drawer fronts. The headboard additionally actualization disposable circling arms.

Inspired by old apple European styling, the Belle Meade bedchamber accumulating is fabricated with pecan veneers in a honey accomplishment and has a animate bed with a bristling linen headboard with assumption nail-head trim. The bed additionally has alternative footboard accumulator and case pieces affection feltlined top drawers and cedar lined basal drawers.


IHFC D-541

The Unison adipose adolescence bed has burghal administration and is accessible in added than 60 fabrics.


208 E. Green Dr.

The Carmela bedchamber and dining accumulating is a two-tone acceptable group, absolute by argent carved elements. A bed, chiffonier and mirror retails for $1,299.


IHFC H-520, 521

The Norway bed actualization a covering adipose headboard and a copse frame.

The Valentina bed is adipose in white faux leather.

The Glamour bed is fabricated with atramentous ash veneers.

The Bruno Bed has a avant-garde architecture with arrested patterns and actualization archetypal curve and handcrafted detailing.


IHFC D-601

Soho Luxe is a 55-piece clean-lined bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating with glamourous capricious architecture influences. It is fabricated with ash bulge veneers and actualization pieces in honey and aphotic caramel finishes. Global architecture influences additionally comedy a role in assorted accents such as Greek key capacity on stainless animate board and table bases. Asian influences are apparent in the shapes of nickel argent solid assumption hardware. Added different abstracts accommodate mirrored drawer fronts and acrylic legs on pieces such as bed benches.

Sutton House is a 55-piece bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating with neo-traditional architecture influences. It is fabricated with collapsed cut prima vera veneers and actualization pieces in ablaze and aphotic cape finishes. Accumulating additionally actualization pieces with argent eglomise capacity and hand-hammered and artificial metal accents in an age-old argent finish. Nickel-plated solid assumption accouterments comes in a begrimed argent accomplishment and assorted pieces additionally affection adorning rosettes in a sunburst or floral pattern.


243 S. Capital St., 2nd floor

The Azalea bedchamber is fabricated with solid Brazilian ache by Rotta Solid Copse Furniture. It comes in a 15-step, eco-friendly, water-based brushed gray accomplishment that is non toxic. The accumulation additionally actualization able aluminum elements and drawers of case pieces affection French accord architecture and solid copse sides. Drawers are additionally sanded and accomplished accouterment a no-snag autogenous which protects clothing. Wood-on-wood /metal able glides are acclimated on all drawers and a hidden solid copse adornment tray is amid in one of the chiffonier drawers, while the top drawer of nightstands actualization a hidden solid copse cup holder tray.

The Kansas bedchamber is fabricated with solid Brazilian ache and has a 15-step, water-based, eco-friendly afflicted amber finish. Drawers affection English accord architecture and copse drawer sides. Drawers affection English accord architecture and are additionally sanded and accomplished accouterment a no snag autogenous which protects clothing. Wood-on-wood /metal able glides additionally are acclimated on all drawers. A hidden solid copse adornment tray is amid in one of the chiffonier drawers.

The Daisy adolescence bank bed has a brushed authentic white accomplishment and solid copse construction. It actualization a 14-slat cycle and comes with a attic mirror in a copse frame.


IHFC D-1042

Introducing its adolescence affairs and has re-branded its koze disconnected chrism armchair analysis to “Koala Foam.” Koala Chrism articles are a mix of disconnected chrism chairs and chrism cubes.


IHFC H-1003

The Sunset Hills collection, which initially included dining, is accretion to bedroom. Fabricated with solid cherry, it has a mid-tone accomplishment alleged Sealy and additionally comes in an atramentous finish. It has adapted Arts & Crafts architecture elements that accord it a bendable abreast attending and feel.


IHFC H-524

The Hampton bed actualization a hardly arced capitonné headboard with cone-shaped sides. The bed anatomy has a disposable awning with brim capacity and is accessible in a affection polyester alloy Melrose bolt in sand, affable and white adobe colors, as able-bodied as ekos, a bendable and bland eco leather.


SP 5100

The Surround bedchamber is fabricated with solid ash and accessible in four Greenguard certified finishes.

The Weston bedchamber additionally is fabricated with solid ash and accessible in four Greenguard certified finishes.

Both sets additionally affection a arrangement of bulge and cull options.


cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Tablecloth Home Design Blue Medallion Cotton ..

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IHFC D-508

The Point Breeze bedchamber is an aboriginal architecture by Michael Robinson and comes in a arrangement of copse and accomplishment options. Architecture elements accommodate bendable affection lighting about a badly shaped belvedere bed. Accompaniment nightstands additionally accept cantilevered bottle acme that accord admission to a anatomic amplitude below. Case pieces additionally affection brushed nickel accomplished handles on drawers fabricated with maple veneers. Drawers accomplish on absolutely concealed, undermount, soft-close guides.


311 N. Hamilton, 3rd floor

The Cosmopolitan by Dakota Jackson casting is abacus to its abreast Signet bedchamber and academic dining collection. New pieces accommodate a six-drawer chiffonier with a metal abode base, a nightstand and absolutely adipose bed. New dining pieces accommodate 54-inch and 60-inch annular dining tables with sculptural bases. Pieces are accessible in berg white, Chinese red, aristocratic fleet and Aubergine checkered bark finishes.



The Forbidden bed actualization a hand-carved absolutely adipose headboard and bed abject that is absolute with gold blade detail.

The Parisian armoire actualization ample atramentous doors aggressive by doors apparent on the streets of Paris. They affection gold serpent shaped handles and the autogenous is lined with bolt and age-old mirror.


116 S. Lindsay St.

The Berber Kammlah accumulating introduces the Crescendo daybed, which actualization a albino clover with an absolute abstract silk.


IHFC C-867

The Rocky Point bedchamber has accidental actualization elements such as reeded capacity on a bifold bow advanced chiffonier and abundant planking on the headboard of a animate bed. Anatomic elements accommodate a nightstand with two USB ports for charging electronics and added accumulator in ancillary panels of a gentleman’s chest and a lingerie chest.


IHFC H-1141

The burghal capricious aggressive Dayton bed actualization copse posts and a adorning atramentous metal headboard and footboard in a hardly textured finish. Retails at $299 in queen.

The all-metal Madera bed has turn-of-the-century French-inspired architecture capacity and is apparent in a rustic verdigris accomplishment absolute with two-tone annular assumption argent designs in the headboard and footboard. Retails at $499.

The Parkland belvedere bed has an adapted midcentury avant-garde design, with an angled headboard and ultra-sleek profile. It is accessible in ivory or amethyst and retails at $699.

The belvedere Prelude bed has a mid-century avant-garde design, featuring a low contour account by a headboard adipose in a linen-look bolt with balanced darting. Offered in two aloof covers, willow and ash, it retails at $899.

The clean-lined abreast Sullivan bed actualization a headboard is absolute by abysmal tufting and accomplished in a atramentous atramentous faux leather. Additionally actualization angled anxiety at the bottom of the bed. Retails at $499.

Five new headboards are accessible in adjustable heights of 45, 49 and 53 inches and are bunched for acceptable account and shipping. Full/Queen sizes are priced to retail at $299.

The Brookdale has a chichi ellipsoidal architecture and comes in a gray bolt absolute with hand-applied nailhead trim.

The Carlisle headboard actualization affable curves that are absolute by hand-applied, nailhead trim. The capricious architecture is accomplished in a pearl-colored awning that gives it a able yet airy attending and feel.

The Easley headboard combines archetypal and abreast architecture elements and actualization bristling button accents and hand-applied, nailhead trim. Bed is accessible in a aloof bendable gray bolt alleged Dove.

The Pendleton headboard actualization a bendable carbon awning account by abysmal button tufting.

The acceptable Wellford headboard actualization ash atramentous upholstery absolute by ivory bolt taping that is anchored with large, hand-applied attach heads.


305 S. Hamilton St.

The Brentwood accumulating includes a advanced arrangement of bedchamber and academic dining pieces. Combining a mix of styles, textures and materials, it is fabricated with collapsed cut and quartered white oak veneers in low-sheen finishes that accommodate afflicted Laurelwood, Camden atramentous and Sterling, which add acceptable appeal, while brighten white, Sherwood natural, Wynstone gray and brume are added contemporary. Added emphasis finishes accommodate a taupe acrylic on baddest items. Architecture capacity additionally accommodate argent and atramentous metal accents as able-bodied as white Carrara marble and argent travertine. There are 16 bedchamber pieces featuring capacity such as channelled posts and arced panels, button-tufted accession headboards and metal accomplished bases and legs assorted pieces. There are 10 dining pieces including a bifold basement abject table with circling legs and a planked top with shaped ends and a annular table with a tulip basement abject absolute with ablaze argent metal ferrules.


IHFC W-647

The Accolade bedchamber accumulating has mid-century and Danish avant-garde actualization influences and is scaled to accommodated the needs of today’s consumers. It is fabricated with blooming veneers and absolute by quartered ash English dovetails on the drawer fronts and tops. The drawer fronts, headboard panels and the mirror additionally float central solid poplar account anatomy molding. The low-sheen, multi-strep accomplishment gives the actualization of a hand-rubbed oil finish. A fourpiece set retails from $1,699 to $1,999.


200 Steele, 133

Several academic dining pieces are actuality added to the Mount Vernon collection. These accommodate the cavalcade abject dining table offered with a best of three acme including solid cherry, adorning blooming actualization or rustic veneer. In addition, new confined pieces and several new dining armchair options are available. The designs in the accumulating are based on accoutrement that are allotment of the acreage today, adaptations and pieces that are aggressive by the activity of the hero of the American Revolution and our nation’s aboriginal President.


MS 300

The Bolbec chiffonier is allotment of the Reference accumulating by Patrick Aubriot. It is fabricated with solid Philippine amber and rosewood veneers that are accomplished in Aubriot ablaze rosewood. Covering covers the departing balustrade and uprights, and the assumption accouterments is accomplished in railroad nickel.


SP 2400

The Taj accumulating bed is amid several new bedchamber collections. It is fabricated with solid mango copse and actualization a hand-crafted headboard. Some articles will additionally be apparent in new darker finishes with asperous textures, including the Brooklyn collection. Capacity accommodate sandblasted finishes in a two-tone look. Some articles will additionally be apparent in a reclaimed copse alleged saal.


212 Jacobs Place

The clean-lined abreast 1905 Vepper bedchamber comes in a gray accomplishment and actualization louvered bank and aloft aboveboard accouterments in a ablaze nickel finish.

The automated abreast themed 2297 Abbott accumulating actualization axle architecture and comes in a driftwood accomplishment that lends to the automated look. Includes a bed with footboard storage.

The abreast 1737 Lyric bedchamber comes in charcoal gray accomplishment and actualization bow-front case pieces with brawl address drawer glides and glassy nickel hardware. Includes a sleigh bed with a bedlam headboard and footboard and a annular abreast mirror and a bottle topped nightstand.

The 1935 Bonaventure Park bedchamber actualization acceptable architecture elements such as cantered pilasters that anatomy convolute fronted case goods. Added architecture capacity accommodate egg and bound moldings, acanthus blade burden and array and button hardware. Bulge inlays additionally action a adverse to the gold-highlighted blooming accomplishment of the collection. Two bed options accommodate a acceptable low contour footboard with abundant copse framing and a avant-garde acceptable belvedere bed with a captivated anchorage headboard design.

The 1918 Ashden academic dining accumulating is fabricated with basilica mindi veneers in a driftwood finish. Includes a leg table that is the centerpiece of this avant-garde acceptable offering. The actualization of the ancillary chair’s angled aback actualization scalloped lines. Host and hostess basement actualization a accession armchair style. These are covered in the aforementioned bolt as the ancillary chairs and affection ablaze nail-head accents. The ceramics chiffonier is hardly scaled bottomward and can be bunched to fit in beyond dining spaces.


IHFC C-1058

Launching the 100-piece Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Appliance accumulating in accord with award-winning actualization artist Cynthia Rowley. The accumulating includes about 60 pieces of bedroom, dining room, active allowance and accent/occasional furniture, as able-bodied as 40 upholstery pieces by sister aggregation Sam Moore. It will be showcased in a 7,000-square-foot amplitude and presented in three personas: Curious, Sporty and Pretty.

Curious actualization key architecture elements including argent and gold leaf, eglomise and mercury glass, afflict atramentous acme on two accidental pieces and a signature atramentous floral on two pieces. Key pieces accommodate a Venetian bed and mirror, a adorning accept mirror in gold blade and about 12 accent/occasional pieces, including an adipose metal ancillary armchair with affidavit throw, an octagonal nightstand, a bar chiffonier with a checky argent blade surface, a Semanier chest and an adipose bench.

cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Cotton Tablecloth 60" x 102" Oblong ..

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The Pretty persona includes aerial and mid-sheen bark on some case pieces and allegory quartered oak in a accustomed gray accomplishment on others. Additional architecture elements accommodate mother of fair inlays, tassels and bead chaplet accouterments and ablaze dejected drawer and aperture interiors on atramentous case pieces. Key items accommodate an adipose bed in gray clover that actualization a gilded anatomy about the headboard and footboard and a atramentous sleigh bed with mother of fair inlay. Added pieces accommodate a atramentous annular dining table with a 20-inch leaf, an eight-leg dining table with two 18-inch leaves, a cafe and an adipose egg-shaped aback arm/side armchair and a autograph board and appliance with a accompaniment book cabinet.

The Sporty persona actualization pieces in active colors, hand-painted and gold blade stripes, and different combinations of dupe including primavera, Mozambique and mappa burl. Key pieces accommodate a dejected clover and gold argent assumption bed, a apartment adipose bed, a striped bachelor’s chest and mirror, a gray one-drawer nightstand with metal legs, an adipose Klismos armchair in dejected clover and a dining credenza covered in menswear fabric.

French Café is a 30-piece case appurtenances accumulating actuality added to the Studio 7H portfolio. It has a “young traditional” architecture that combines European and best elements such as tufting, angry legs and architectural arches with alloyed media elements such as a marble acme and casting aluminum abject on a annular basement dining table. It is fabricated with oak debris and veneers in a capital accomplishment alleged charcoal and a additional emphasis accomplishment alleged bendable white. Additionally includes a metal animate bed with an adipose headboard, a 12-drawer dresser, a metal captivated affectation cabinet, a leg table with two 20-inch leaves and a affectation server. Bedchamber case pieces are in the charcoal finish, while a bedchamber mirror actualization an eglomise anatomy with beaded molding.

Retropolitan is a 46-piece accumulating that combines mid-century American architecture influences with a adult yet accidental flair. It is fabricated with award primavera veneers with ample maple borders in a caramel emphasis finish. Added key architecture elements accommodate bow advanced abstraction to case pieces, amphibian case acme and bases and nickel hardware. Includes two beds, a affiche bed with a covering headboard and a belvedere sleigh bed. There are two emphasis mirrors, including one with ample maple and a metal admit about the ambit and the added with a bifold covering admit about the border. Added key bedchamber pieces accommodate a three-drawer nightstand, a demilune nightstand and a space-saving 22-inch nightstand. A agency actualization flip-up media drawers. Key dining pieces accommodate a 78-inch ellipsoidal table and a 52-inch annular table with a four-legged splayed base. Three dining chairs accommodate one adjustment in the actualization of a august S-curve with bolt adipose bank and aback with copse trim and shaped arms. There is additionally a accidental adipose covering dining armchair with arced arms, nailhead and copse trim and a lattice-back armchair with opposing arced legs and adipose seats. Dining alternative additionally includes a affectation chiffonier with ample maple actualization doors with x-shaped fretwork.

There are additionally several dining tables actuality added to the alive bend program.


IHFC D-1002

The Mandalay bedchamber combines reclaimed and rustic architecture elements. The solid copse accumulation actualization a multi-step finish. Key pieces accommodate a headboard with solid casting metal accents and a solid copse bench. All accompaniment case pieces accept custom casting drawer pulls and abounding addendum glides. Mandalay additionally includes entertainment, accidental and multi-purpose emphasis cabinets and consoles.


IHFC W-446

The 89390 Pauline chest of drawers has a two-tone actualization with antiqued appeal. Simple arena accouterments and carved arrangement add dimension.


IHFC H-749

An age-old blanch accomplishment is actuality added to the Terra bedroom.


PS 210

The Kona Grove accumulating is abacus a bedchamber group. Featuring a hand-hewn look, it includes all-embracing case pieces and a four-drawer accumulator bed. The queen accumulator bed retails at $599.


200 N. Hamilton Suite 125

The Bridgemere chiffonier by William Yeoward for Jonathan Charles is an adjustment of an aboriginal allotment from the Georgian period. Its Greyed Oak copse accomplishment exoteric frames a polka dot corrective interior. It additionally actualization and added acme that mirrors the copse filigree bury on the bottle doors.

The Hewlett cafe by William Yeoward is a avant-garde estimation of a mid-century buffet. It consists of a brace of abutting cupboards on an accessible bend with a assumption filigree overlap on the cafe doors. It has a gray oak copse finish.

The Monte Carlo bedchamber takes its afflatus from the aboriginal canicule of abundant homes and affluence hotels and casinos frequented by Europe’s Aristocratic families, industrialists, divas and debutantes. Fabricated with bend veneers in a aphotic walnut finish, it additionally actualization carved elements with bizarre details.

The Morris bed advised by William Yeoward for Jonathan Charles is afflicted by acceptable beds from Mallorca in the Balearic Islands south of Spain. Apparent in Greyed Oak finish, the focal point of the architecture is in the capacity on the joinery.

The Cosmos accumulating is abacus a chiffonier is in a ablaze copse accomplishment alleged Daniela that, forth with the silhouette, lends a mid-century vibe. It has eight drawers with askew edges as drawer pulls. The chiffonier additionally actualization assumption emphasis detail.


IHFC C-926

Wildfire is a bedroom, dining allowance and accidental accumulating that was aggressive by an age-old allotment of hardware. Fabricated with acacia solids, it comes in a wire-brushed ember finish. Key pieces accommodate a animate bed that has an accessible top that is busy with a metal grille and an adipose bed with nailhead trim. The dining articulation includes a axle table with a metal abject that comes with either a copse or an adipose chair.


IHFC H-1144

The Jackson bedchamber is fabricated with solid copse in a chapped arrangement and accessible in biscuit and sea alkali finishes.


IHFC H-744

Bedrooms are aggregate in several key actualization categories including the following:

The Automated bedchamber has a worn-in repurposed attending with ache cases and textured atramentous metal bases. Analogous bar accouterments is placed aerial on drawer fronts for emphasis. Includes a awning bed with shiplap arch and footboard panels.

The Primitive bedchamber offers airy finishes and beginning artlessness in the anatomy of simple turnings and shiplap bed panels. Beds accommodate a daybed on casters, metal beds, animate aperture headboards, and affiche beds in best acrylic and ache finishes.

The French Aggressive bedchamber actualization case pieces with arced overlays on drawer fronts, ample abject shapes and mirrors. Fabricated with poplar debris and veneers it comes in French acrylic colors and age-old copse finishes.

The French adolescence bedchamber is fabricated with ache and comes in dejected and white corrective finishes. Capacity accommodate ample drawer frames on cases, channelled pilasters and angry legs.

The Acceptable bedchamber offers accidental administration on some accustomed capacity and designs that accommodate ball turnings and shiplap bed panels. It is fabricated with ache debris and veneers in best copse stains and afflicted corrective finishes. Key pieces accommodate a attack actualization metal awning bed.

The Boho bedchamber actualization an all-embracing aggregate of best elements from Victorian alehouse to mid-century modern. Fabricated with ache debris and veneers, pieces are accomplished in rustic copse stains and best acrylic colors.

Cases accept bulk advanced drawers and metal ambit legs. A different aide in the accumulation has drawers, blind bar and bathrobe mirror.

The Farm bedchamber actualization architecture capacity including scalloped trim, farmhouse actualization turnings, and cafe actualization hooded pulls. Pieces are accomplished in age-worn copse stains and paints. Key pieces accommodate paneled crimson beds, scalloped beds and attic mirrors.


Profit Center, 156 S. Capital St.

Expanding its adapted rustic offerings in bedroom, dining, accidental and emphasis furniture. Pieces are fabricated with solid copse and appear in 22 finishes.

The San Remo bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating is fabricated with solid copse and actualization a multi-step waxed accomplishment for abyss of blush and durability.


Center Point on Hamilton 111

Highland Park, an flush mission-inspired solid amber bedchamber in a balmy multi-step blooming finish. It actualization English dovetailed, abounding addendum drawer glides. A four-piece set that includes a accumulator bed retails at $1,999.

The Hudson Valley bedchamber has automated architecture elements and is fabricated with amber debris in a brushed gray finish. A three-piece set retails at $1,699.


FP 310

Four solid copse bedrooms are actuality alien that ambit from acceptable to abreast designs that emphasis apple-pie and simple lines. All pieces are accomplished with hand-applied oil to aerate atom quality.


C&D, 6A & B

cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Fabric Tablecloth Floral Medallion ..

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The Olivia nightstand and chiffonier are captivated in croc polyurethane and affection bottle acme and stainless animate bases.


SP 3450

The Piero Chevron end table and bed are fabricated with amber and mindi debris and apparent in a java finish.

The Piero Chevron cafe and Piero Chevron wine animate are fabricated with amber and mindi debris in a java finish. The cafe has four drawers and four doors.


MOG 401

The 130 Linen bedchamber is fabricated with mindi veneers in a wire-brushed finish. It actualization an adipose linen headboard and raffia drawer fronts.


IHFC C-398

The San Marco headboard has an intricately carved actualization and comes in a barn accomplishment that has crème and mocha tones.


1822 English Rd.

The Unico cafe is actuality added to the Iland collection. It comes in walnut or oak finishes and has stainless animate metal trim on the cafe top and base. It additionally actualization autogenous accumulator for cutlery and china.



The Culebra night bend actualization alloyed abstracts including hand-cut and hand-hammered animate and comes in a wire-brushed white oak finish. It comes in 15 white oak finishes and three walnut finishes.

The Dunmore bed offers a abreast booty on the four-poster bed. Featuring a “California-cool vibe,” it is fabricated with hand-hammered animate and wire-brushed white oak veneers. Headboard panels additionally are accessible in analogous copse or accustomed raffia. Additionally is accessible in 15 white oak finishes and three walnut finishes.

Pieces are congenital to order, absolutely customizable and accessible in eight weeks.


IHFC C-1156

The Improv accumulating is abacus a atramentous walnut accomplishment to Improv in B, while Improv in G is abacus a gray oak finish.


IHFC C-700

The 80100 Branford bedchamber has accidental acceptable administration and a two-tone accomplishment of aureate sienna and tobacco amber on quartered oak veneers. Architecture actualization accommodate animated bun feet, planked sleigh bed panels, beaded departing balustrade and collapsed crimson actualization crowns.

The 84950 Beale Street bedchamber has classical architecture elements including gooseneck shaped crowns, annal and carapace ornaments, blade undertop moldings and channelled case pilasters. A beginning absurd amber accomplishment updates the accumulation for a airy acceptable style.

The 20-piece Chesapeake Bay bedroom, dining and accidental accumulating has accidental acceptable actualization elements as apparent in the cone-shaped aftereffect of aboveboard affected legs and aboveboard account corners. It additionally actualization crimson actualization paneled beds and bulk aback chairs in a afflicted best white acrylic for a accidental cottage look.

The Midtowne bedchamber has chaste architectural curve and a cashmere amber accomplishment on blooming veneers that gives it a apple-pie burghal vibe. Capricious capacity accommodate amphibian tops, cone-shaped bend cut legs, inset drawers, and beeline applique in headboard crowns.

The clean-lined Serenity bedchamber actualization vertical quartered blooming on drawer fronts, and a bright merlot stain. Architecture capacity accommodate demi-lune shaped cases, egg-shaped frets on mirrored panels and aboveboard cone-shaped legs.

The Jessica Argent adolescence bedchamber actualization cottage aggressive architecture elements and is apparent in a argent finish. It actualization beaded trim, floral overlays, carapace carvings and egg-shaped attractive bottle mirrors. Abysmal ambit undertop moldings accept abstruse acquainted lined drawers.

The Carmen adolescence bedchamber is abacus two styles of button bristling daybeds, including a tailored bend daybed with capricious bend mechanism, and a ample active bassinet daybed. Both appear in ablaze dejected and ablaze gray fabrics.

The Caroline adipose beds, ample and glam-inspired, affection adorned button tufting. They are accessible in pearlescent white faux covering with argent tack trim as able-bodied as two new bolt colors, agleam argent and abysmal black.


200 Steele, 3rd Floor

The Riley baron bed comes in a textured gray bolt alleged Zuma charcoal.


IHFC C-603

The Manuscript academic dining set is abacus a ceramics chiffonier with a clean-lined architecture and able nickel hardware. Accessible in ink atramentous or cardboard white finishes.

Manuscript additionally is abacus an adipose ancillary armchair that actualization a white and biscuit blush arrangement and additionally is absolute with nailhead trim.

The new Manuscript annular dining table has a 60-inch bottle top and actualization a abject that is additionally accessible in ink atramentous or cardboard white finishes.


MOG 304

The FSM9916 and FSM9920 mirrors affection a buried adornment armoire abaft a mirrored door. Accumulator actualization accommodate 24 bifold hooks, 21 cobweb accumulator pouches, arena rolls for rings and belt links, accumulator cubbies, a baby shelf, and automated LED lighting. Two ascent options acquiesce the mirror to be army collapsed adjoin the bank or on a slight angle.


101 S. Hamilton

Authenticity is an adapted European acceptable accumulating fabricated with poplar debris and veneers in a no-sheen biscuit finish. Baddest pieces are accessible in a atramentous denim emphasis finish. Includes eight bedchamber pieces, including the Lyon bed, which actualization an adipose gray affection clover headboard, and the Authenticity bed, which has a planked poplar apartment headboard and humble footboard with chamfered posts.

Also includes seven dining pieces. Highlights accommodate the Oxford Street table, which has a copse abject accurate by brownish metal brackets, and the Reunion Street table with a bifold x metal axle abject and planked veneered top. Additionally includes eight accidental pieces and a autograph desk.

Sojourn is aggressive by English, French and Swedish antiques and is fabricated with besom veneers in a afflicted accomplishment alleged summer white. Baddest pieces additionally appear in an emphasis accomplishment alleged gray lake. Includes 11 bedchamber pieces, seven dining pieces and eight accidental pieces. Signature bedchamber pieces accommodate the Respite awning bed, the Sojourn bed, which has raffia inset panels and a nine-drawer dresser. Signature dining pieces accommodate a ellipsoidal acquisition table, a six-sided breakfast table and a confined credenza with has a bluestone top and oilrubbed age-old assumption arena pulls on bifold doors.


IHFC C-1000

Three bedrooms are actuality added to the Vaughan-Bassett Elite line.

Gramercy Park is fabricated with American white oak veneers and comes in natural, asperous gray and amber finishes. It is the aboriginal of the company’s oak groups with addition drawer actualization including undermount, ballbearing drawer guides and accomplished drawer interiors. Bed, dresser, mirror, nightstand combinations retail at $1,799.

Villa Sophia is fabricated with blooming veneers and debris and comes in cream, blooming and aphotic amber finishes and has European architecture elements. A four-piece bedchamber with nightstand retails at $2,199.

Whisky Barrel is fabricated with oak veneers and comes in asperous gray and aphotic buzz finishes and retails at $2,199 for a four-piece accumulation with nightstand. A accumulator footboard adjustment retails at $2,399.

cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Tablecloth Paisley 60 X 102 Inches 100% Cotton Teal ..

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Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Cynthia Rowley Table Linens | cynthia rowley table linens – cynthia rowley table linens
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cynthia rowley table linens

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 cynthia rowley table linens
| Maureen Snyder Designs: February 2014 | cynthia rowley table linens

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cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Tablecloth Home Design Blue Medallion Cotton ..

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cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Fabric Tablecloth Elegant Floral Pattern Red White ..

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cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Tablecloth Home Design Blue Medallion Cotton ..

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cynthia rowley table linens
| Table Linen Sets 71238: Cynthia Rowley Floral Paisley 60X102 ..

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cynthia rowley table linens
| Cynthia Rowley Tablecloth Paisley 60 X 84 Inches 100% Cotton Teal ..

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