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Get to Know How to Fold Dinner Napkins Properly

Napkin folding is usually only considered when setting up a formal table or for a lavish party at home. These napkins serve both practical and decorative purposes at the dining table. In addition, napkins can also protect your clothes from spills and wipe spills from the table. But napkins can be used as interesting decorations for the dining table. Here are tips on how to fold dinner napkins properly.

Get to Know How to Fold Dinner Napkins Properly

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Easy Ways to Fold the Napkins

  1. Fan Fold

Fabric napkins add a touch of elegance to your meals at every table. Instead of folding them in a rectangle or square, impress your family member with some fancy napkin folding skills that will enhance the appealing dining table. Don’t worry, these fold ideas are easy to do and will make a dinner family feel like they are dining at a 5-star restaurant every meal.

First, you can apply fan fold as the primary option of napkin folding. This napkin technique looks elegant on any table, and while it looks a little complicated, rest certain that once you get the hang of it, you can do it in easy ways. All you need is how to fold dinner napkins into a large square in half and make the rectangle shape as the option.

In the next step, you need to fold the napkin lengthwise so half of the pleats on the top.  Also, you need to fold the higher left edge down and tuck it after the center pleat, creating a triangle. Don’t forget to release and let the pleats fan just out and fold the back triangle as needed. With this step, you can make the fan stand upright.

  1. Diagonal Fold

Get to Know How to Fold Dinner Napkins Properly

If you want to make a simple appeal but look outstanding, you need to choose a diagonal fold as the primary option for your napkin. Fold a napkin into digs form a four-sided with the open angles facing you. Next, pick up the top open corner and how to fold dinner napkins one half inch folds until you grasp the center of the napkin and repeat for the rest of the napkins.

After making these folds, you need to flip over the napkin carefully. Then, square the napkin folding up to you on your worktop. Don’t forget to fold the towel into thirds with the pleats forming a slanting in the front view. As a result, you can leave the fold as is or slip cutlery into the folds in easy ways.

  1. Letter Fold

Get to Know How to Fold Dinner Napkins Properly

This napkin fold creates a delightful design like a fabric envelope. Tuck a menu, special message, party favor, or dinner mint inside the pocket by folding it in half to form a large triangle. After that, you need to pleat the bottom two angles together, having the points join slightly in the center. If you ask how to fold dinner napkins, then choose the lowest edge to form a compact.

Napkin folding might take a few minutes to master your first fold. However, it won’t take you but a few seconds to recreate them correctly. Small touches like this napkin folding add an extra special touch to your dining table, especially if you have dinner parties and get-togethers with big family members.

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