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Outside Table Covers Heavy Duty

Dining table, end tables, coffee tables, picnic tables, the options are infinite. Whatever kind of deck table you possess, Choose the right outside table covers to match and protect it and that means you can enjoy your outdoor liveable space nevertheless.

Outside Table Covers Heavy Duty Ideas

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This strong and stylish coffee table cover offers big cover safety to coffee tables. Created for small tables up to 48 inches wide long by 25 inches wide and 18 inches high, thick and strong fabric provides superior protection against rain, snow, sun, dirt and leaves.

Cover for outside table includes a soft graceful top with a protecting water-resistant undercoating and a defensive dark splash shield skirt. Much like all outside patio table covers, beauty is more than epidermis profound. An stretchy hem cable with a toggle enables you to change underneath for a good and custom fit. A aspect air vent reduces inside condensation and moisture content.

Heavy duty outside table covers by common accessories offer high-end style in medium weight coverage. Designed to maintain your garden furniture looking it is best all year round, Rain-Tite fabric shields against rainwater, snow, sun, dirt and grime and can not split in winter.

Each outside table covers includes air vents to lessen inside condensation and blowing wind lofting. Most include StayOn stretchy loops and stretchy hem cords. Elastic Cords hem cords give a fast and custom fit.

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