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Regulatory News:

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After a active fourth quarter, Groupe SEB (Paris:SK) accomplished in 2017 an accomplished performance, off of already aerial prior-year comparatives. Active advance was apprenticed by all geographies and artefact lines.

In the fourth quarter, the 24.1% access in sales to €2,026 actor break bottomward as follows: amoebic advance of 8.4% ( €138 million), a bill aftereffect of -3.8% (-€62 million), a ambit aftereffect of €338m (WMF) and a €20m reclassification of some of Supor’s business absorb to sales deductions, with no appulse on Operating Aftereffect from Activity. It should additionally be acclaimed that EMSA, circumscribed back July 1, 2016, had no added appulse on ambit in the additional bisected of the year.

The Group’s full-year sales amounted to €6,485 million, up 29.7%, with amoebic advance of 9.2% ( €462 million), apprenticed primarily by volumes, and a bill aftereffect of -2.0% (-€98 million, consistent mostly from the abrasion of the yuan, the Turkish lira, the Egyptian batter and the US dollar); the ambit aftereffect amounted to €1,195 actor (WMF over 12 months and EMSA over 6 months for €1,151 actor and €44 million, respectively) and the reclassification of Supor’s business absorb to -€74 million.



Western Europe

Other countries










North America

South America











Other countries







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*Like-for-like: at connected barter ante andscope of alliance

Percentages based on non-roundedfigures






Western Europe

Other countries










North America

South America











Other Asian countries




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*Like-for-like: at connected barter ante andscope of alliance




In a European bazaar actual all-embracing sound, Groupe SEB accomplished amoebic sales advance of 5.8% in 2017 and 8.1% in the fourth quarter. At year-end, and admitting their altered environments and aerial comparatives, about all countries acquaint like-for-like growth. This able-bodied drive translated into bazaar allotment gains.

The Group delivered almanac performances in France, with fourth-quarter sales of €307 actor ( 4.7%) and full-year sales of €791 actor ( 1.4%). Admitting a able year-end, cookware acquirement remained apathetic due to the non-repeat of adherence programs. In baby electrical appliances, however, business was excellent, apprenticed by a ample ambit of products, including exhaustion cleaners (bagless, uprights, the Clean & Beef archetypal and the able stick Air Force 360), beef generators, Cookeo, the Cuisine Companion affable aliment processor, full-automatic espresso machines, Dolce Gusto, etc., and led to a cogent advance in our administration on the French baby electrical apparatus bazaar in 2017.

in Germany, the Group’s 2017 achievement was outstanding. Business was underpinned by the advancing roll-out of flagship articles such as Optigrill, Actifry, exhaustion cleaners, coffee makers (full-automatic espresso machines, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto) and cookware – all additional by above advance drivers – and was added bolstered by adherence programs with retailers. The aciculate access in sales in Switzerland and Austria can be attributed to new partnerships with Nespresso. Admitting the non-renewal of appropriate sales campaigns in 2016, the Group additionally had a acceptable year in Spain area its growth, fueled by about all categories, adequate its administration offline and online. The amount business, excluding appropriate campaigns, was additionally actual able in Italy due mainly to the accepted success of exhaustion cleaners, beef generators, Optigrill and Dolce Gusto, as able-bodied as our connected advance in e-commerce. In the United Kingdom, admitting an ambiguous all-embracing ambiance and the amount hikes implemented to anniversary the abrasion of the batter sterling, Group acquirement was up like-for-like. In Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal, the Group accomplished a actual acceptable year.

Moreover, 2017 was the aboriginal year of alliance for WMF, with, in particular, the accelerating takeover of the operational administration of WMF’s Consumer business by Groupe SEB bazaar companies, afar from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These aboriginal about-face accomplish artlessly acquired some acting disruptions, but put the Group on the appropriate clue for 2018, with able action affairs to roll-out and advance acquirement synergies.


In the added EMEA countries, the Group’s amoebic advance stood at 12.6% for the year, afterward a fourth division announcement a still solid advance of 7.4%. The all-inclusive majority of countries contributed to this actual acceptable achievement which, as was the case in Western Europe, led to bazaar allotment gains.

The Group connected to accomplish advance in Central Europe in 2017, through a aggregate of development of its amount business, underpinned by mainstay categories and accurate by able business campaigns, and appropriate sales campaigns with retailers. Our sales in Ukraine accept developed abundantly on a anniversary basis, and rose by added than 50% at connected barter ante for the abounding year. Drive slowed decidedly in the fourth division in Russia, due mainly to the non-repeat of adherence programs in cookware, but the active advance in amount business captivated steady, apprenticed by all categories except coffee makers, by ample assets in retail and by the ramp-up in our arrangement of proprietary stores. In Turkey, the connected abrasion of the Turkish lira led us to access prices substantially. However, sales in aggregate remained resilient, in both cookware (due in accurate to the barrage of Ingenio in fourth-quarter) and baby electrical appliances, with a able accession from exhaustion cleaners. Appropriate accent should be accustomed to the accession weight in the business of articles bogus locally or at our bulb in Egypt.

The fourth division showed growing sales in Saudi Arabia – admitting still aerial inventories at our distributor’s – and abiding acquirement in India in a wait-and-see bazaar context. Nonetheless, the convalescent trend could not atone for the abatement in about-face accumulated back the alpha of the year.



After 4.2% amoebic advance in the fourth quarter, the Group’s 2017 sales were up 3.8% like-for-like in NAFTA countries. This advance can be attributed to a absolute achievement in the United States in the fourth division and to a acceptable anniversary in Canada.

In the United States, admitting the favorable appulse of the barrage of the new Krups kitchen electric range, in accurate in the aboriginal quarter, the Group had a arduous year: difficulties or weaknesses at several retail brands in ablaze of fast-rising e-commerce; sales of core-range cookware (T-Fal) disrupted by a angry aggressive backdrop; abatement in the bazaar of irons, not anniversary by aciculate catalyst in apparel steamers, etc. While these factors were still accordant at the end of the year, advance resumed in the fourth division acknowledgment to the bushing of Krups products, the accelerated development of our sales with online authentic players as able-bodied as able drive in the exceptional cookware articulation with All-Clad and the accession of the Lagostina brand. Consequently, full-year about-face was abiding in dollars.

In Canada, as expected, fourth-quarter sales benefited from a added favorable drive acknowledgment to bigger cookware sales and solid advance in linen affliction (generators and apparel steamers). Neverthless, the all-embracing ambiance charcoal complicated, abnormally in the retail industry.

Mexico is the key contributor to advance in the Nafta arena in 2017. In animosity of the earthquake’s appulse on consumption, business activating remained absolutely able-bodied in the fourth quarter, apprenticed in accurate by cookware, blenders and irons, as able-bodied as by a new adherence affairs with one of our key clients.


The turnaround in the barter amount trend that began in the summer was accepted in the fourth quarter, with a cogent abrasion of the Brazilian absolute and the Colombian peso adjoin the euro. However, the Group accomplished over the aeon a somewhat firmer business activity.

The Brazilian abridgement is assuming signs of recovery, which actualize in domiciliary consumption, but the all-embracing ambiance and the political calendar are key uncertainties. The Group acquaint amoebic sales advance in the fourth division of 3% which contributed to a slight anniversary access of 1%. This absolute trend was apprenticed mainly by admirers and band – due to new artefact launches – while sales were bottomward in aliment alertness and cookware. With cookware accomplishment still in the alteration phase, the articulation should anon anniversary from the new, added aggressive assembly curve at the Itatiaia site.

In Colombia, the abatement in sales in pesos connected to axis primarily from the bead in fan acquirement due to poor weather. In contrast, cookware business remained on clue and advance was maintained in blenders. Moreover, the Group accomplished a actual acceptable year in Argentina and ensured, admitting aerial inflation, a double-digit advance in assemblage sales.

– ASIA –


With sales growing organically at about 20%, both in the fourth division and over the year, the Group has afresh recorded a arresting achievement in China, in a bazaar abundantly apprenticed by e-commerce and which is creating value. Supor connected to apparatus an accession action and accord to the trade-up of the bazaar in its flagship articles in cookware and accouterments (woks, thermal flasks and mugs, in particular), kitchen electrics (rice cookers, electrical burden cookers, accelerated blenders,…) as able-bodied as in the non-kitchen baby electrical apparatus articulation (air purifiers, band and apparel steamers, exhaustion cleaners). Internet sales connected to aggrandize and e-commerce accounted for added than 35% of 2017 revenue, bolstered by a Bifold 11 day advanced by added than 40% adjoin 2016. All these outstanding performances of Supor charge be put in angle of a affluent sales history including several years of double-digit amoebic growth.

It should be acclaimed that, to bigger reflect the attributes of some amount and ensure abounding bendability with added Group entities in agreement of banking statements, an acclimation was fabricated to the accounting architecture in 2017, whereby for full-year, €74 actor in business absorb was reclassified as a sales abatement (of which €20 actor in the fourth quarter), with no appulse on Operating Aftereffect from Activity.


The fourth division was hardly bottomward like-for-like in Asia excluding China, absorption the assorted situations in altered countries. While Japan and South Korea, the Group’s two better markets in the region, accepted their role as able drivers, drive slowed somewhat in Australia and business was bottomward – sometimes decidedly – in added countries that anniversary for a actual baby allotment of sales.

In Japan, the Group maintained in the fourth division a solid advance rate, ashore in its three mainstays: cookware and kitchen tools; linen care, with connected advance in the accession apparel steamer class and the able barrage of the Freemove Mini bunched cordless iron; and kettles, area the able-bodied advance in sales added adequate our administration on the market. This able drive was fueled throughout the year by abundant advance drivers. In addition, the accomplished achievement of our arrangement of about 30 proprietary aliment (with six openings in 2017) should be highlighted. In South Korea, as in 2016, the Group had addition acceptable year in 2017, mainly attributable to the advancing business development in cookware, blenders and beard dryers. In Australia, afterwards a active third division additional by the accession of new products, advance in bounded bill slowed at the end of the year. Sales about remained on track, in accurate in cookware, irons, electrical burden cookers and Optigrill.

In the added South-East Asian countries, however, 2017 performances were actual mixed: acquirement bigger on a like-for-like base in Thailand and Malaysia afterwards double-digit advance in the fourth quarter, but fell acutely in Vietnam and was penalized by aerial 2016 comparatives in Singapore (non-recurring B2B campaigns).

– WMF –

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WMF’s 2017 sales stood at €1,151 million, up 5.5% year-on-year. In the fourth quarter, WMF’s sales amounted to €338 million, about abiding against 2016.

In the able business, WMF’s anniversary sales were €563 million, up 13%, with coffee (PCM) accidental 17% and the auberge accessories business bottomward 9% due to the abridgement of above projects compared with 2016. About-face for the fourth division stood at €137 actor and was stable. For able coffee machines in particular, as has been defined throughout the year, the 2017 achievement should be analyzed from two perspectives: on one hand, a amount business that connected to abound at a abiding clip in both Germany (with able anniversary momentum) and internationally; on the added hand, the above appulse of two ample affairs active in 2016 with Canadian and Japanese clients, but which gradually faded: as best of the deliveries were fabricated amid fourth-quarter 2016 and the summer of 2017, the aftereffect acerb mitigated in the third quarter, afore dematerialization absolutely in the fourth quarter.

In the Baby Calm Accessories business (“Consumer”), sales amounted to appropriately €588 actor and €201 actor for full-year and fourth-quarter, about banausic against 2016, due to a aggregate of several factors: still apathetic cookware sales in Germany, the non-repeat of a above adherence affairs of end-2016 in Asia and one-off disruptions acquired by the sales reorganizations alfresco of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, advance in sales of baby electrical accessories was in the bifold digits fueled in accurate by new artefact launches; WMF aliment accomplished a slight advance in sales in Germany; and lastly, all-embracing amplification is advanced rapidly.


The affection of our 2017 conditional sales leads us to affirm and clarify our 2017 balance guidance.

Despite the abortive adopted barter trends in second-half 2017, the Group is targeting an access in Operating Aftereffect from Activity, afore one-off impacts of WMF acquirement amount allocation, which will be comprised amid 30% and 35%.

This will advance to an accession of the alliance of WMF of over 20% on 2017 net balance per share, afore the appulse of the acquirement amount allocation.

On a like-for-like base (LFL) – Organic

The amounts and advance ante at connected barter ante and alliance ambit in a accustomed year compared with the antecedent year are calculated:

This adding is fabricated primarily for sales and Operating Aftereffect from Activity.

Operating Aftereffect from Action (ORfA)

Operating Aftereffect from Action (ORfA) is Groupe SEB’s capital achievement indicator. It corresponds to sales bare operating costs, i.e. the amount of sales, accession amount (R&D, cardinal business and design), advertising, operational business as able-bodied as bartering and authoritative costs. ORfA does not accommodate arbitrary and non-discretionary profit-sharing or added non-recurring operating assets and expense.

Adjusted EBITDA

Adjusted EBITDA is according to Operating Aftereffect from Action bare arbitrary and non-discretionary profit-sharing, to which are added operating abrasion and amortization.

Net debt (or Net indebtedness)

This appellation refers to all alternating and non-recurring banking debt bare banknote and banknote equivalents as able-bodied as acquired instruments affiliated to Group costs accepting a ability of beneath one year and calmly disposed of. Net debt may additionally accommodate concise investments with no accident of a abundant change in amount but with maturities of over three months.

Operating banknote flow

Operating banknote breeze corresponds to the “net banknote from operating activities / net banknote acclimated by operating activities” annual in the circumscribed banknote breeze table, restated from non-recurring affairs with an appulse on the Group’s net debt (for example, banknote outflows accompanying to restructuring) and afterwards demography anniversary of alternating investments (CAPEX).

This columnist absolution may accommodate assertive advanced statements apropos Groupe SEB’s activity, after-effects and banking situation. These forecasts are based on assumptions which assume reasonable at this date but which depend on alien factors including trends in article prices, barter rates, the bread-and-butter environment, appeal in the Group’s ample markets and the appulse of new artefact launches by competitors.As a aftereffect of these uncertainties, SEB cannot be captivated accountable for abeyant about-face on its accepted forecasts, which aftereffect from abrupt contest or adventitious developments.The factors which could appreciably access Groupe SEB’s bread-and-butter and banking aftereffect are presented in the Anniversary Banking Report and Registration Document filed annually with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, the French banking markets authority.

Listen to the recorded audiocast of the presentation on our website on 23 January from 9:00 PM CET onwards:www.groupeseb.com or bang actuality


March 1, afore trading2017 sales and after-effects


May 16Annual General Meeting


July 24, afore tradingH1 2018 sales and after-effects


April 26, afterwards tradingQ1 2018 sales and banking abstracts


October 25, afterwards trading9-month 2018 sales and banking abstracts


Find us on www.groupeseb.com

The apple baton in baby calm equipment, Groupe SEB operates in about 150 countries with a different portfolio of top brands including Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Krups, Lagostina, All-Clad, WMF and Supor, marketed through multi-format retailing. Selling some 250 actor articles a year, it deploys a abiding action focused on innovation, all-embracing development, competitiveness and account to clients. Groupe SEB has about 32,900 advisers worldwide.

* Like-for-like: at connected barter ante and ambit of consolidation

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