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Tips and Tricks to Care Tommy Bahama Table Linens

Table linens are one of the essential items to set on the table. They will protect your table furniture, prevent spills, and add the perfect visual impact to the whole look – the tasks are endless. That is why you need to take special care of the tablecloth, especially Tommy Bahama table linens. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your linens in good condition!

4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

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4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

  1. Be Quick to Wash the Table Linen

4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

In case you want to get rid of a stain quickly, you have a better hope to remove it from your tablecloth. First, put off the washing up process until the next day by soaking the linen. Choose a spot treatment that includes enzymes and smoothly dab onto the blemish. Remember, don’t rub as you will work it more into the fabric.

After that, check for colorfastness applying to a small hidden area, especially if you use the product for the first time. If you feel the color does not fade quickly, then you can do the next step to care for your Tommy Bahama table linens. Try to wash the stain if there is a red wine, coffee, or pudding spill disaster in your table linens.

  1. Soak and Wash

4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

Put your linen in the washing machine if your tablecloth is machine washable. Then, let it fill with hot water but don’t run a full cycle. Alternatively, you can use a big pan and fill it with hot water to soak the linen overnight. This step is essential to consider if you want to have maximum stain-busting power.

Another tip for washing linen in a machine is to use a short cycle. You don’t need to soak in an extended period. Just clean the linen after the stains and spills are removed from the tablecloth. Meanwhile, if you use your hand to wash, be careful not to scrub. Tommy Bahama table linens do not like vigorous scouring or pummeling. Thus, gently clean the linen.

  1. Dry

4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

After that, hang your linen out to dry naturally. The sun will help bleach out stains and get rid of the spot in your linen. At this point, if the stain has not been removed, you are better off re-washing and use tumble drying. Please make sure you dry linens flat where possible so they preserve their shape.

  1. Store

4 Ways How to Maintain Color Table Linens

For storage, you can roll it up and store it flat in the cupboard without folding it. But before that, use an iron to remove any remains of linens crumples. In the next steps, you need to hang the Tommy Bahama table linens in the closet. It makes it easy to find out in quick time and without tearing apart the pile of linen.

All in all, maintaining table linen is not as difficult as you think. You can wash the tablecloth after use. Then, please choose the proper way to clean it, including washing machine or wash with hand. After that, you need to make your linen dry in the sun. In case you have done all the steps, you can store the linen in the cupboard or hang the linen.

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