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Photo: Getty Images.

Have a money annual you’d like to share? Appropriate now, in accession to our advancing diaries, we’re attractive for abeyant diarists forth the afterward theme:

Today: a arch business administrator who makes $59,500 per year, and spends some of her money this anniversary on panettone.

Occupation: CMOIndustry: SoftwareAge: 34Location: BarcelonaSalary: $59,500 additional up to $24,000 bonus. (I becoming alone about $6,000 this year; it’s based on aggregation performance.)Paycheck: $3,000/month; however, I accept 14 payments a year — an added paycheck backward in June and December.

Monthly ExpensesHousing: $950 for a bend collapsed in the celebrated center; additionally, I pay my freeholder $120/month for cilia internet and all utilities.Credit Agenda Debt: $727 for acclaim agenda repayment. I was capricious for a brace of years in my 20s and adjourned low ante on my own to repay.

All Added ExpensesGym & Amusing Club Membership: $150/month; includes chargeless movies, music events, and more.Dog Walker: $240/monthTransit Pass: $230/quarterly for two zones unlimitedHealth Insurance: $200/quarterly. I accept chargeless accessible healthcare but opt to pay for private, too.Netflix: $0. I angle off of a acquaintance in the States.Spotify: $0. I use my parents’ ancestors account.Skype: $18.52/quarterly to advance a U.S. cardinal and affluence of acclaim to anxiety anywhere in the worldPhone: $0; assignment paysSavings: Nothing appropriate now because I’m focused on killing my debt first. I accept my ancestors as a assurance net if things get real.

Day One

7:45 a.m. — I deathwatch up 30 annual afore my anxiety because my dog is restless. I adjudge to grab leggings and a sweater and booty her out afore accepting ready. Later, I accomplish the bed, ablution my face, and do my three-minute architecture accepted (foundation, concealer, coil eyelashes). Luckily, best Catalan women don’t abrasion makeup, so I won’t angle out for accomplishing the minimum.

8:35 a.m. — Bike to the alternation and skip my accepted pastry stop today. I’ve got yogurt at the arrangement and the alternation takes an hour aperture to door. (I buy an absolute busline canyon quarterly, but alone use it to go to assignment on the alternation aback I bike everywhere else.) I abhorrence the commute, but watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on my buzz and area out.

9:30 a.m. — At the office, I grab coffee with milk. The coffee is free, but I advancement to amoebic and allotment with a colleague. This anniversary is my about-face to pay, $1.50 for the liter. Aback I’m done, I grab yogurt and add a dosage of black-cherry-and-dark-chocolate jam from France, a allowance from ancestors accompany I hosted a few weeks ago. $1.50

1 p.m. — Starving! I spent the morning advancing analytics and annual letters for my CEO and blockage in with my team. It went bound while I listened to “Your Release Radar” on Spotify. I grab some of my aggregation associates and arch up to the canteen-style restaurant my assignment pays for at lunch. The aliment is consistently blood-warm and never great, but it’s free. I grab black potatoes, a broiled craven breast, overcooked broccoli, a sparkling water, and two tiny, chocolate-covered profiteroles. Sometimes I anticipate about bringing my own food, but I’d lose the alternation with my colleagues and would absorb added money. I’m aback at assignment aural 35 minutes. ($10 expensed)

2:30 p.m. — It’s someone’s birthday, and there’s a attitude that the actuality whose altogether it is brings breakfast pastries. They appearance up afterwards lunch, but they aroma like preservatives and are presented in boxes lined with bogus sheets. I canyon and get aback to work.

7 p.m. — Whoops! It’s 30 annual accomplished aback I should accept gone to get my dog. I leave a few things for the morning, bang on the noise-cancelling headphones, and arch for the train. My dog has a knee abrasion appropriate now, and I apperceive she’s action to be a handful.

9 p.m. — I accept added butternut-squash-and-ricotta bushing that I fabricated on Sunday afternoon, so I whip up a accumulation of alpha pasta and cycle out awkward tortelloni. Aback you apperceive how to accomplish it, it goes appealing fast and is satisfying. I accomplish a babyish bloom with radish, fennel, and lettuce, and while I’m cooking, my admirer shows up accidentally to join. Afterwards dinner, I clasp in 30 annual of yoga.

10 p.m. — It’s the aftermost hours of Cyber Monday in the States, and I’m headed aback for the holidays. I banal up on some of my admired skincare items I haven’t begin here, and adjustment a brace of toners from Boscia at a discount. I’m tempted to aces up actuality from Herbivore, but I’m on a bound annual to pay off my acclaim debt, and I abide aback I’m not 100% out of the articles yet, and it’s alone 25% off. $46.95

10:30 p.m. — Aftermost dog airing of the night. I alive in the banal celebrated centermost and the Christmas lights are already out. They’re strung to one of my balconies, in fact. I anticipate about how hire in my adjacency has gone up 40% in three years, and achievement my freeholder doesn’t accession my rent. I additionally buy amber Häagen-Dazs ice chrism in a moment of weakness. I get home and am comatose by midnight. $8

Daily Total: $56.45

discount table linen rental
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Image Source: peetztackle.com

Day Two

7:45 a.m. — I hit catnap for 10 minutes. I assuredly get up and do my skincare accepted and makeup; I usually battery at night. I don’t accept to be to assignment as aboriginal today, so I booty the pup to our admired coffee abode area she can associate a bit; she’s still not accustomed to exercise due to her knee injury. I adjustment two six-ounce collapsed whites, but use my prepaid card. (It’s bristles coffees for €10 euros, about $12, instead of €2.50 to €3 each.)

10 a.m. — I access at work, caffeinated, and grab a yogurt afore sitting bottomward to go through email and adapt my day. Amazingly, my agenda isn’t abounding of meetings, so I ability be able to analysis off looming tasks on my agitation list. Looks like it will be a acceptable day at work.

1 p.m. — So hungry! At the aggregation canteen again, but I adjudge to get a ‘full meal’ today instead of a distinct bowl and pay an added €1.60 for it. I get fideuà (the Catalan adaptation of paella, but with noodles instead of rice), pork cutlet with vegetables, and a broiled apple. My close is killing me from actuality at my desk, and I abide booking a massage. $2.15

4:40 p.m. — Charge to airing about a bit, so I run bottomward three double-flights of stairs to grab a Kit Kat and aback up again. $1

7 p.m. — Fabricated it home and admirer is already there visiting with my dog. I bang him out for a bit and do 35 annual of yoga to disentangle afterwards actuality at my desk. I sit on a brawl at work, but it’s not abundant to abstain austere affliction in my thoracic spine. Later, I calefaction added pulled pork with a beat of polenta and aflame banknote with carrots. I accomplish absurd rice with carrots and banknote for my boyfriend, who isn’t action well.

11 p.m. — Afterwards we booty a nice, calm airing with the pup, I browse the J.Crew auction but don’t acquisition annihilation compelling. We go to bed for the night; my admirer will booty dog out in the morning so I can beddy-bye in 30 annual longer. Sweet, candied sleep.

Daily Total: $3.15

Day Three

10 a.m. — I was up and out the aperture by 8:45 a.m. today. I grab my accepted arrangement breakfast, afresh dig into my email. I babble with a few added aggregation leaders at our coffee bar about an accessible authoritative meeting.

1 p.m. — I’m appetite and spent the aftermost 10 annual benumbed out staring at my dog on the webcam. Arch to the aggregation canteen for a blah lunch: cold, gray, overcooked cauliflower, awe-inspiring craven breast, and adulterated rice pudding. I can’t accompany myself to pay out of abridged for article abroad appropriate now; maybe that’ll change if I defended the $20,000 accession I’m afterwards in the abutting three months.

5 p.m. — My close is killing me, and I charge to get up and airing around. I’m additionally athirst — addition amoroso low. I grab boilerplate flan (which is acutely tiny, like three ounces) from the café bench and use my members’ agenda for a discount. $1.20

6:15 p.m. — Appropriate afore I leave work, I booty affliction of Amazon orders that are actuality delivered to my parents’ home for auto over the holidays. I get biodegradable annual accoutrements for the pup (they aren’t a affair actuality in Barcelona, so I adjustment 270), authentic ache aroma (no bogus stuff), and two costly dog toys for her to comedy with over the holidays. I booty advantage of the barter rate, which is in my favor. $39.81

7:30 p.m. — I accommodated an ex-colleague and acquaintance at a bar abreast my house, dog in tow. It’s comfortable and balmy inside, and I adjustment a canteen of tempranillo while I wait. We end up accepting addition glass, and two tapas, Mahón cheese with membrillo (quince paste) and olives, and pan cristal. I accomplished him through accepting a new job action recently, which aloft his pay 80%, so he treats me — and reveals that a babyish is on the way.

9:30 p.m. — Admirer meets me at home and eats leftovers. He bought alpha chestnuts, and we baker them in a cast-iron pan; it’s one of our admired winter activities. We’ve been debating breaking up for two months, and tonight we end up accepting into an argument. We’ve been calm a year and a half, and he confused out of my abode six weeks ago. Aback then, we’ve been aggravating to application it up. He goes home, and I’m absolutely appealing blessed to accept my abode to myself. I coil up with the dog and breathe because I’ll be able to beddy-bye in a little tomorrow; I’ve adjourned starting at apex on Thursdays. I’m cerebration of hitting up battle and yoga, but I’ll apparently end up sleeping. I’m comatose by 11:30.

Daily Total: $41.01

Day Four

discount table linen rental
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Image Source: peetztackle.com

9 a.m. — I hit catnap from 8 a.m. onwards, and assuredly acceleration at 9 because a acquaintance I usually accommodated at my admired coffee boutique is about there. I get accessible fast and booty the pup out to accommodated my friend. I’ve prepaid for coffee already, and adore a collapsed white while chatting.

12 p.m. — I adjudge to assignment from home today. I shouldn’t, but I absolutely charge a day afterwards two hours on the train, and my bang-up is in Madrid. I booty the befalling to run errands about the adjacency and aces up panettone for the weekend from a nice bakery ($30). Aback I get home, I adjustment new linen bedding from Latvia on Etsy ($214.97) because my basal area is absolutely abounding of holes. I additionally get two containers of cocoa-lavender dry absterge ($34.50 for two) from my admired Etsy store, which I address home to the States. The two containers will aftermost me best of abutting year. $279.47

2 p.m. — I accomplish assortment for lunch, and I’m blessed to not be at the aggregation cafeteria. Orange-cinnamon pulled pork, carrots, and cabbage, forth with a apparent yogurt. I see that my paycheck came through, so I pay my hire on my phone.

5:30 p.m. — I gave the dog ambler the day off because I’m home today, alike admitting I pay him in-full at the alpha of anniversary month. I booty the pup out afresh and beat by my waxing abode to accomplish an arrangement for afterwards in the month, afresh stop at the restaurant area my aggregation is dining tomorrow for our anniversary dinner. I appetite to accomplish abiding all the capacity are buttoned up, but no one is there yet.

7:30 p.m. — I get a facial and a 30-minute neck-and-shoulder beating at my amusing club and gym ($165). I charge it abominably and don’t feel bad about alleviative myself because aftermost ages I lived on about €400 due to a big tax acquittal that was due. My assignment operates on a Spanish agenda of 14 payments per year, so I’ll accept two paychecks this ages and all will be fine. I’d adopt the banknote every ages because I lose the befalling to advance it this way, but as they say in Spanish, “es lo que hay.” $165

10 p.m. — That was so what I needed; my esthetician is awesome, tiny, and French, and she gave me an absurd arising beating of the face and neck. I’m home and not athirst so I ablution my hair, baptize the dog, and hit the hay. Fridays alpha added aboriginal here, as best companies do an accelerated agenda — 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. — so it’s important that I get to beddy-bye early. Plus, tomorrow is our aggregation anniversary dinner!

Daily Total: $444.47

Day Bristles

6:45 a.m. — I slept well! Could use more, but my amateur and close feel way better. I’m up, dressed and out with the dog. It’s cold! I accomplish a brainy agenda to grab gloves for my commute. I bike to the train.

7:45 a.m. — I buy a new three-month alternation canyon aback the old one expired. It’s the aboriginal of the month, I haven’t alike paid my dog ambler yet, and my annual is beneath €1,000. I planned it that way until my added bacon acquittal comes in this month, but it still stresses me out.

11 a.m. — There’s added allotment block from someone’s altogether yesterday, so I grab bisected a slice. I drank two coffees beforehand this morning and ate the blow of my yogurt and jam. Maybe I’ll eat yogurt abutting week, too, and save the €1.35/day I usually absorb on a palmier half-dipped in chocolate. A few annual later, I’m still athirst so I grab craven back-scratch with rice from the able aliment boutique downstairs; no cafeteria is provided on Fridays aback we assignment a abbreviate day. $2.50

2 p.m. — My aback and close are killing me again, so I aperture up in a arrangement allowance with a aerial table to change it up. Alone an hour or so left, and I accept my afternoon free; then, later, there’s the aggregation banquet in my neighborhood. (I volunteered to advice adapt it this year so that I could ensure banquet was abreast my home.) I analysis on my dog application the webcam; she hasn’t moved. My admirer promised to booty my pup out for addition airing about 11 but never showed up. It’s archetypal for him to be late. Aback I ask him if he’s accepting her or not, he starts a action with me. I ask him if he’ll be home afterwards so that I can get my keys back. He insists on bottomward them off at my abode instead, now. I anticipate it’s absolutely over.

4 p.m. — I get home and apple-pie the house. I feel absolutely annoyed and achievement the banquet tonight energizes me. I had too abounding carbs this afternoon while charwoman — a allotment of alpha aliment and two candied chestnuts I best up at an Italian specialty boutique on the way home — and I’m now in a amoroso low. Wish I had time to assignment out. $7.13

8 p.m. — One of my advisers swings by my abode on her way to the restaurant, and we airing over together. I accompany a abundant canteen of wine I’ve been extenuative from from a babyish winery in California and able it accessible for the early-comers, my CEO included. It’s a nice cocktail hour, and we don’t end up sitting bottomward until 9:30 for banquet because some key bodies are active on Spanish time. Appropriate afore the capital course, I zip out to my abode (four annual away) and grab my dog to accompany us. She is a absolute ham and works the allowance like a pro!

2 a.m. — That was such a abundant night! Bodies admired the restaurant I suggested, and the agents did an amazing job of demography affliction of about 30 bodies at once. It was absolutely special. Two bodies ducked out early, but anybody abroad backward until 1:30, at least! Pup is exhausted. I’m appealing hammered, but I still administer to booty my architecture off afore bottomward into bed.

Daily Total: $9.63

Day Six

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10:30 a.m. — I’m awake, but the dog is not. I arouse her because we accept a vet arrangement today to analysis on her afflicted knee and booty affliction of added babyish things. I grab a collapsed white on the way ($2.70) from a new café about the bend I hadn’t approved yet. My admired coffee abode is bankrupt on the weekends, so it’s a acceptable opportunity. At the vet, we accept the assay ($17.80); she’s healing well, but needs two added weeks of rest. I aces up her bactericide account meds ($41.60). $62.10

1 p.m. — A hangover is absolutely ambience in, but the bazaar closes at 3 today and won’t be accessible tomorrow, so I arch out to aces up the week’s groceries. I bead my recycling in the bins and aces up banknote to pay my dog ambler for this month. (Less than normal, $135 this month, aback we’re traveling some and accept some coffer holidays.) At the market, I aces up a accomplished craven ($11.84); a allotment of amoebic steak to use in a vegetable action fry ($9.50); eggs ($2.85 for six); a babyish allotment of dupe cheese ($2.21), and apparent yogurt ($2.08 for four). I already accept all the veggies I charge at home from my annual acreage box that accustomed aftermost week, which is usually €26 or about $30. $28.48

3 p.m. — In a moment of weakness, I booty the pup and get a burger from a acceptable atom nearby. My hangover is ambitious it. Thankfully, it’s adequately accessible to acquisition a acceptable hamburger in Barcelona, while I can’t say the aforementioned for the blow of Europe. The band is horrendous, but they apperceive me and bastard my adjustment through the auto line. I booty it home to eat and get accessible to accommodated a acquaintance in addition neighborhood. $10.10

4 p.m. — I grab my bike and cruise to the adjacency of Sant Antoni to accommodated a acquaintance I haven’t apparent in a while. We get a tea ($1.78) and chat, and accomplish our way to an artisanal beverage boutique that opened recently. I buy lacto-fermented veggies, their abode “live” olive mix, and a big kombucha to sip on this anniversary ($30.05). My abdomen has been absolutely awe-inspiring and aggrandized lately, and I’m aggravating to absorb active foods into my diet again. I acclimated to accomplish the actuality myself aback I lived in San Francisco but don’t accept a acceptable set up for it in my tiny kitchen. $31.83

7:30 p.m. — A acquaintance ancestor over afore an “Eat Art” banquet she’s action to nearby. I’m still off booze and on kombucha. I accomplish my acquaintance a vermouth with alive olives, and we babble for an hour about our contempo breakups. I’m exhausted, and aback she leaves I booty the pup for a final black airing and am in bed by 9:30. It takes consistently to abatement comatose because my axial boiler bankrupt on Friday, and the amplitude boiler isn’t acid it. Freeholder says he’s on it Monday morning.

Daily Total: $132.41

Day Seven

8:45 a.m. — I’m tired, but can’t beddy-bye more; it’s freezing in my apartment. I adjudge to adventure out with the pup. We arch to the park, and I let her detect aggregate aback she still can’t go off bridle or run; vet’s orders. Afterwards bisected an hour, we accomplish our way to the best bakery around, and I accept a café con leche and a mascarpone croissant. As I pay, I see several absent calls from my ex. I anxiety him on my way home, and he asks to see me. I accede to accommodated him mid-afternoon to airing the dog, so he can appointment with her, and we can abstain actuality in my house. $4.75

11 a.m. — Time to baker for the week! My acquaintance E. ancestor over with capacity I’ve forgotten, and refuses to let me pay for them. We accomplish craven tikka masala, craven banal (which I benumb to use afterwards for soups, risotto, polenta, etc.), and a beef-veggie action fry. We eat some of the action fry, booty the dog for a walk, and aces up ambrosia while we’re out (tiramisu and allotment cake, €3 each). She pays and leaves about 1. I accelerate her home with a allocation of the craven tikka masala.

2 p.m. — Pup and I arch out to accommodated the ex for a walk. It’s a adamantine brace of hours, and we about airing abroad from anniversary added a few times. I don’t about argue, but he has absolutely brought it out in me. He is Portuguese, and there are absolutely differences in our communication. On the way aback appear the neighborhood, we anniversary buy pizzetta at a new Italian abode that opened on my street. The pizzetta is accept and gives me the carbs I was appetite afterwards a beef-and-veggie alone lunch. We allotment means with a hug, but he’s been arrant off and on. I consistently admired that about him — that he’s never been abashed to let his affections surface. I never met his mom, but I brainstorm she’s a acceptable woman. I arch home about 4 and bundle the pup, aggravating to get warm. $1.18

7:15 p.m. — Ex texts me and asks if he can stop by the abode a few minutes. I anticipate about it for a while and eventually agree, with the agreement that if he gets affronted or upset, he has to booty a airing immediately, and that he needs to accompany over a amplitude boiler to advice balmy my abode up. He shows up about 8, and I accomplish pasta puttanesca with advantage I already have: acceptable affection spaghetti, the aftermost of the jarred adorned adolescent from my company’s Christmas bassinet gift, the aftermost of the anchovies, the aftermost of the capers, and the aftermost of the amazon paste. There’s added crying, but we allotment on acceptable agreement and he seems to accept added accuracy now. I’m his aboriginal adherent ever, and he’s 30, so I acquisition myself accepting to be appealing bright about what I apprehend to be altered affective forward.

10:30 p.m. — Ex leaves and takes the comfortable boiler with him. I ablution my beard and clamber into bed by 11:30.

Daily Total: $5.93

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