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Face Covers For Massage Tables

Give your consumer the peace-of-mind of any sanitary face cradle covers for massage tables throughout their treatment with these disposable face covers for massage tables. Put in a cushy part of softness with this fleece cradle comforters or protect that person pad from cosmetic and fluids with installed poly organic cotton or flannel crescent features. Many colors and sizes available!

Treat Your Costumer with Face Covers For Massage Tables

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With face covers for massage tables, you will be self-confident your clients will be comfortable 100% of that time period, permitting them to remain calm throughout the complete massage therapy. These products are created designed for professional massage tables, and then for those experts that are looking to deliver the best degree of service.

Oakworks super very soft disposable face rest covers for massage tables provides your clients with the best in comfort and sanitary coverage for pennies per day. Earthlite disposable rub headrest covers are constructed of medical-grade fiber content and are super soft, dense, luxurious and non-sticking. The cloth has a good touch and will not feel like newspaper, similar to a soft organic cotton which is also hypo-allergenic. Ideal for your massage therapy room, lightweight robotic massage chair, or on the run. They don’t leave face lines and wrinkles on your clients forehead and face and are made to fit virtually all massage table headrest and facerest pads.

Face covers for massage tables and face snooze pad are produced from synthetic fleece materials and get this to an outstanding choice for use with clients who are hypersensitive to wool. This pad features 1-inches thick fleece, rounded corners and tucked, reinforced edges for superior durability. Your clients will like the softness and comfort. Air caught between your customer and the stand by way of the fleece pad retains your cherished customers warm in the wintertime and cool in the summertime! The fleece face pad was created to cover the facial skin cradle. Will come in a natural/cream color.

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